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Come see why people from all over the south visit the 1880's Sutton General Store, Granville Museum,
Sutton Homestead,
Pioneer Village, and Antique Car Museum.
Granville is located on the waterfront of Cordell Hull Lake just an hour outside Nashville.

Historic Granville, TN — Tennessee's Mayberry Town.

Open Wed - Friday 10 am - 3 pm, Sat 10 am - 5 pm
Sutton Homestead Open Wed - Friday 12 - 3 pm, Sat 12 - 5:00 pm
Historic Granville, TN
The Granville Museum, Inc. was formed in 1999 to preserve the history of the riverboat town of Granville, Tennessee as well as preserve the historic Granville Church of Christ building.
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We've got some great events around Granville - including car shows, festivals, live music, reenactments, and much more!


The Granville Museum, Inc. was formed in 1999 to preserve the history of the riverboat town of Granville, Tennessee as well as preserve the historic Granville Church of Christ building. The museum was formed by people of the community who had a strong interest in Granville. The incorporators of the Granville Museum were Joe Moore, Patsy Yates, Lloyd Clark, Suzanne Stafford, Jeanette Dalton, Eugene Duke and Randall Clemons. The museum opened on Memorial Day Weekend of 1999 with its first Heritage Day. The museum was able to have a great pictorial history of Granville due to a collection of photographs taken by Vincent B. "Moe" DeNardo.  DeNardo was a World War II soldier who came to Granville during the Maneuvers and returned annually for the next 30 years capturing  the history of Granville through the lens of his camera.

The Granville Museum has grown through the years with two additions to the building as well as expanded collections of Granville history which cover family history, businesses, churches, schools (both private and public), agriculture, Cumberland River, military, music, clothing, books, and numerous other special collections. The additions allowed the museum to feature its military history, an old time school room displaying history of schools, and an Agricultural Museum displaying farm equipment.



The success of the Granville Museum was greatly enhanced in May of 2000 when Harold and Beverly Sutton came to the second Granville Heritage Day and discovered the Sutton General Store.  They purchased the store, which was badly in need of major repairs, and restored it. The opening of Sutton General Store in May, 2001 took historic Granville to an all new level.

The Granville Museum began festivals that first year which have been successful in attracting families to Granville throughout the year and bringing additional historical items to the museum. Since 1999 we have hosted annual Heritage Day, Fall Celebration and Granville Country Christmas events. 

In 2011 the Granville Museum was able to purchase almost a town block, including the former home of T. B. & Ethel Sutton as well as the original home of Dr. B. L. Simmons. This historic home had been preserved by Loyd & Jewell Clark who lived there since 1980. The property was almost a town block and has been developed into the Sutton Homestead and Pioneer Village through private donations and a grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The homestead house has been redone to tells its rich history and decorated as it would have been when the Suttons moved there in 1947. The homestead also contains the Eller Grist Mill Shop, Granville Weaving Shop, Sutton Blacksmith Shop, Webster Agricultural Museum, Williamson Cabin and Outbuildings, Gulf Service Station and Antique Car Museum, Dowell Storytelling Shed and Pruett Gazebo Stage featuring Quilt Benches of Granville.

The Granville Museum has been recognized by the Tennessee Association of Museum numerous times for its creation of collections and for it Volunteer Spirit.

Granville Museum exists today because of the great volunteer group of 189 dedicated individuals who give of their time to preserve a place that is dear to their hearts!

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