Town of
Historic Granville, Tennessee

Granville Museum
169 Clover Street • Granville, TN 38564

Come see why people from all over the south visit the 1880's Sutton General Store, Granville Museum,
Sutton Homestead,
Pioneer Village, and Antique Car Museum.
Granville is located on the waterfront of Cordell Hull Lake just an hour outside Nashville.

Historic Granville, TN — Tennessee's Mayberry Town.

Open Wed - Friday 10 am - 3 pm, Sat 10 am - 5 pm
Sutton Homestead Open Wed - Friday 12 - 3 pm, Sat 12 - 5:00 pm

Volunteer Events



Pictured left to right front row are the following who received special award recognition:


Minnie Clemons Scarecrow Festival Above & Beyond Award, Patsy Yates Outstanding Long Time Volunteer Award, Brenda Denney 2017 Christmas Decorating Award, Bill Green First Place Award Granville Christmas Parade, Dara & Louis Kell 2017 Homestead New Volunteer Award, David Poarch Scarecrow Festival Above & Beyond Award, Christy Trott Scarecrow Festival Above & Beyond Award.  Not pictured are Nanc Stigler  Scarecrow Festival Above & Beyond Award, Lisa Huff Sutton Store New Volunteer Award, and Marie Neeley Outstanding Volunteer Award.


Granville Museum Historic Granville recently had their 2017 Volunteer Christmas Party to honor all their 185 volunteers that give their time to operate the Granville Museum, Sutton General Store, Sutton Ole Time Music Hour, 1880 Sutton Historic Home, Pioneer Village and Antique Car Museum.  The volunteer group began in 1999 with the Granville Museum and Historic Granville has grown due to the dedication of the family of volunteers that operate Historic Granville. Granville is currently doing a new volunteer campaign for new volunteers for 2018. Each volunteer volunteers once a month and anyone interested may contact Brenda Curtis or Randall Clemons at 1-931-653-4151.


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